January 26 2016

Rena Tanaka cast for movie “Katsuragi Case”

Actress Rena Tanaka is cast for upcoming movie “Katsuragi Case” (literal title) starring Tomokazu Miura, Kaho Minami, Hirofumi Arai & Ryuya Wakaba. Movie is written and directed by Masaaki Akahori (“The Samurai That Night“). Premise for the film follows the Katsuragi family. Their 21-year-old son Minoru (Ryuya Wakaba) kills 8 people and goes on death row. Actress Rena Tanaka will play Junko Hoshino. Her character is opposed to the death penalty and she decides to marry Minoru to show her opposition to the death penalty.

“Katsuragi Case” will be released sometime this summer in Japan.

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