July 24 2017

Poster and trailer for live-action film “Love and Lies”

Poster and trailer added for upcoming live-action film “Love and Lies” starring Aoi Morikawa, Takumi Kitamura & Kanta Sato. Movie is based on manga “Koi to Uso” by Musawo and directed by Takeshi Furusawa. Story for the film is set in the near future where the Japanese government implements a program to increase the country’s birth rate by assigning marriage partners to teens who turn 16. A high school student played by Aoi Morikawa is selected to marry high school student played by Kanta Sato, but she has feelings for her childhood friend played by Takumi Kitamura.

The main trailer features theme song “Hello” by singer-songwriter Shogo Sakamoto. The song is a cover tune originally released by Masaharu Fukuyama in 1995.


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