March 8 2016

poster and supporting cast announced for movie “Desperate Sunflowers”

Teaser poster added for upcoming movie “Desperate Sunflowers” starring Yo Yoshida and Yoshino Kimura. In addition, more supporting cast members have been announced for the movie which includes Aoi Nakamura, Nozomi SasakiYuta Furukawa & Rena Tanaka.

Story for “Desperate Sunflowers” follows two distant relatives. One woman is straight laced attorney and the other a swindler. For the movie, Aoi Nakamura will play Masaru Isozaki. His character is a lawyer who works at the same office as Tetsuko Ishida (Yo Yoshida). Yuta Furukawa will play Shunsuke Ota. His character becomes involved in a fraud case with Natsuko (Yoshino Kimura). Nozomi Sasaki will play Marina Kamiya. Her character is the fiance of Shunsuke Ota.

“Desperate Sunflowers” will be released June 25, 2016 in Japan.

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