January 31 2018

More cast members announced for movie “Sunny: Tsuyoi Kimochi Tsuyoi Ai”

More cast members have been announced for upcoming movie “Sunny: Tsuyoi Kimochi Tsuyoi Ai.” The film is a remake of 2011 South Korean film “Sunny.” Now cast in the film to play main characters from their high school days are Elaiza Ikeda, Maika YamamotoMio Noda, Momoko Tanabe and Miu Tomita. Suzu Hirose was previously announced to play lead character from high school days Nami.

For the movie, Elaiza Ikeda will play Nana. She is beautiful and admired by Nami. Maika Yamamoto will play play high school student Serika (Yoko Maki plays adult character). Mio Noda will play high school student Yuko (Eiko Koike plays adult character). Momoko Tanabe will play high school student Kokoro (Rie Tomosaka plays adult character). Miu Tomita will play high school student high school student Ume (Naomi Watanabe plays adult character).

“Sunny: Tsuyoi Kimochi Tsuyoi Ai” is now set for release August 31, 2018 in Japan. Below are two still images from the upcoming film.


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