January 30 2018

Kyoko Koizumi cast in movie “Taberu Onna”

Kyoko Koizumi is cast for the lead role in movie “Taberu Onna.” Also cast in supporting roles are Erika SawajiriAtsuko MaedaAlice HiroseYu YamadaMitsu DanCharlotte Kate Fox and Kyoka Suzuki. The film is based on novels “Taberu Onna” and “Zoku ・ Taberu Onna” by Tomomi Tsutsui and directed by Jiro Shono. Story for “Taberu Onna” will follow the daily lives of 8 women with Kyoko Koizumi playing Atsuko Mochitsuki. Their daily lives are depicted through what they eat and who they sleep with.

Filming for “Taberu Onna” began January 8, 2018 and will finish during the middle of next month. Movie will then be released September, 2018 in Japan via Toei.

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