December 1 2017

Kasumi Arimura & Jun Kunimura cast in movie “Kazoku Iro”

Kasumi Arimura & Jun Kunimura are cast in sequel film “Kazoku Iro.” Movie is the third installment of the “Railways” franchise which includes 2010 film “Railways” and 2011 film “Crossroads.” Movie will be directed by Yasuhiro Yoshida (“Enoshima Prism“). For “Kazoku Iro,”┬áKasumi Arimura will play widow Akira Okuzono. She moves with her stepson to her late husband’s hometown of Kagoshima and begins to live with her father-in-law Setsuo (Jun Kunimura). There, Akira Okuzono looks for a job and decides to become a train driver like her father-in-law and what her late husband dreamed of becoming.

Filming for “Kazoku Iro” will take place from January to February, 2018 in Kagoshima, Japan.

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