December 5 2017

Jun Shison cast in movie “Hashire! T Ko Basuketto Bu”

Jun Shison cast in movie “Hashire! T Ko Basuketto Bu.” The film is based on 2007 novel “Hashire! T Ko Basuketto Bu” by Hiroshi Matsuzaki and Takeshi Furusawa (“Love and Lies“) will direct the film. For movie “Hashire! T Ko Basuketto Bu,” Jun Shison will play high school student Yoichi Tadokoro. He’s good at basketball, but he gets bullied at his private high school and transfers to a school named “T School.” Yoichi Tadokoro plays on his new school’s basketball team as they will eventually play his old private high school team. To prepare to play Yoichi Tadokoro, Jun Shison received training from former basketball player Keishi Handa for 3 months.

“Hashire! T Ko Basuketto Bu” will be released autumn, 2018 in Japan.

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