March 31 2020

Honoka Matsumoto cast in movie “My Name is Yours”

Honoka Matsumoto is cast for the lead role in movie “My Name is Yours” (“Kimi ga Sekai no Hajimari”). The film is based on novels “En” & “Blue Hearts wo Kiita Yoru, Kimi to Kiss Shite Sayonara” by Momoko Fukuda and she also directs the film. She previously directed 2019 movie “My Father, the Bride.” A brief teaser trailer for the is added on AsianWiki.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: At midnight, in a residential area of Osaka, a middle aged man is murdered. The person who killed the man is a high school student.

En (Honoka Matsumoto) is a 2nd grade high school student. She spends her boring days with her friend Kotoko, who tends to change boyfriends frequently. Kotoko falls in love with Narihira-kun at first sight. Narihira-kun is a soccer player at their high school. Since then, the relationship between En and Kotoko changes.

“My Name is Yours” will be released sometime this summer in Japan.

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