February 9 2018

Hiromitsu Kitayama, Mikako Tabe & Kokoro Hirasawa cast in live-action film “Tora-san”

Hiromitsu Kitayama (‘Kis-My-Ft2’), Mikako Tabe & Kokoro Hirasawa are cast in live-action film “Tora-san.” The film is based on manga series “Tora san” by Mina Itaba. In the film, Hiromitsu Kitayama plays Suzuo Takahata, Mikako Tabe plays his wife Natsuko Takahata and Kokoro Hirasawa plays their daughter Miyu Takahata. The father is an unsuccessful manga writer and spends most of his time drinking and gambling. He then dies in a car accident, but is given a month to think about his life. He returns to this world as a cat.

“Tora-san” will be released 2019 in Japan.

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