August 22 2017

Hinako Sakurai and Ryo Yoshizawa cast in live-action film “Marmalade Boy”

Hinako Sakurai and Ryo Yoshizawa are cast in live-action film “Marmalade Boy.” The film is based on manga series “Mamaredo Boi” by Wataru Yoshizumi¬† and directed by¬†Ryuichi Hiroki. The unusual premise for the film involves two married couples who decide to divorce and swap partners, but all live together in the same house. Both couples have 1 teenage child, Miki Koishikawa (Hinako Sakurai) and Yuu Matsuura (Ryo Yoshizawa). Miki then becomes attracted to Yuu.

“Marmalade Boy” will be released sometime during 2018 in Japan.

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