December 3 2018

Haruka Fukuhara and Taiki Sato cast in live-action film “After-School Starlight”

Haruka Fukuhara and Taiki Sato (‘EXILE’/‘FANTASTICS’) are cast for lead roles in live-action film “After-School Starlight” (“Shigatsu no Kimi, Supika”). The film is based on manga series “Shigatsu no Kimi, Supika” by Miwako Sugiyama and directed by Kentaro Otani (“Nana“). For “After-School Starlight,” Haruka Fukuhara will play first year high school student Sei Saotome and Taiki Sato will play high school student Taiyo Udagawa. They join the astronomy club.

Filming for “After-School Starlight” takes place in Chikuma in Nagano Prefecture, Japan and the movie will be released spring, 2019 in Japan.

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