February 5 2018

Hana Sugisaki cast in live-action film “Bleach”

Hana Sugisaki is in upcoming live-action film “Bleach” starring Sota Fukushi. For the live-action film, Hana Sugisaki will play Rukia Kuchiki. She transfers her power as a Soul Reaper to Ichigo Kurosaki (Sota Fukushi) after she is injured while battling a Hollow. Until she is able to regain her powers, she lets Ichigo Kurosaki do her work as Soul Reaper and supports him. During this time she lives secretly in Ichigo Kurosaki‚Äôs closet and pretends to be ordinary female high school student. She attends the same high school as Ichigo Kurosaki does. Movie is based on manga “Bleach”by Tite Kubo.

In addition, release date for “Bleach” is now set for July 20, 2018 in Japan.

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