November 24 2017

Elaiza Ikeda cast in live-action film “Cherry Boys”

Elaiza Ikeda is cast for the lead female role in live-action film “Cherry Boys” starring Kento Hayashi, Shuntaro Yanagi & Tomoya Maeno. Movie is based on manga¬†“Cherry Boys” by Tomohiro Koizumi, directed by Kenichiro Nishiumi and screenplay adaptation by Daigo Matsui. For “Cherry Boys,” Elaiza Ikeda will play Fueko Shaku. She is admired by Shinichi (Kento Hayashi), Tatsuya (Shuntaro Yanagi) and Makoto (Tomoya Maeno). All three guys are friends and 25-years-old. They are also still virgins and scheme to have sex with Fueko Shaku.

“Cherry Boys” opens February 17, 2018 in Japan.

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