March 2 2018

Character posters and supporting cast for movie “Gyoza You Can Kiss”

Here’s two character posters for upcoming movie “Gyoza You Can Kiss” (“Kisu Dekiru Gyoza”). The character posters are of main characters Yoko Fujita (Rika Adachi) and Ryo Iwahara (Yukihisa Tamura from ‘Boys and Men’). The film follows a young woman as she attempts to revive her family’s gyoza restaurant.  Also newly announced supporting actors are Hinako Sano, Hiroki Nakajima, Rin Furukawa, Goro Oishi, Yuhi (‘Boys and Men’), Kazuyuki Asano and Yumi Asou.

Release date for “Gyoza You Can Kiss” is now set for June 22, 2018 in Japan.

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