February 13 2020

Yumi Adachi cast in TV Tokyo drama series “Throw It Away, Adachi”

Yumi Adachi is cast in TV Tokyo drama series “Throw It Away, Adachi” (literal title of “Suteteyo, Adachi-san”). The drama series will slot in TV Tokyo’s Friday 24:52 time slot after “Zetsumeshi Road.” For the drama series, Yumi Adachi will play herself. She will go through a Marie Kondo like reorganization of her belongings. Drama series is scripted by Yuko Shimoda (“Coffee & Vanilla“) & Akiko Ohku and directed by Akiko Ohku as well.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: The chief editor of a woman’s magazine talks to Yumi Adachi (Yumi Adachi) about a new idea for the magazine. Their plan revolves around a person who disposes of stuff and lives more comfortably. According to their plan, Yumi Adachi decides to throw away various items one by one. On that night, Yumi Adachi falls asleep as usual, but she has an unusual dream.

“Throw It Away, Adachi” first airs April 17, 2020 in Japan.

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