November 23 2017

Yuko Natori & Yumi Asou cast in TV Tokyo drama series “Kakuho no Onna”

Yuko Natori & Yumi Asou are cast in new TV Tokyo drama series “Kakuho no Onna.” In the drama series, Yumi Asou will play Detective Aya at the Kanagawa Prefecture Police Station. Yuko Natori will play Yuriko. She previously worked in the office at Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, but (in an unusual move) gets transferred to the Kanagawa Prefecture Police Station and works out in the field. Yuko Natori & Yumi Asou previously starred together as insurance examiners in 2014 TV Tokyo drama series “Woman of Maruho.”

“Kakuho no Onna” first airs January, 2018 in Japan.

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