March 31 2020

Yosuke Eguchi & Moka Kamishiraishi cast in NHK drama series “Request to the Angel”

Yosuke Eguchi & Moka Kamishiraishi are cast in NHK drama series “Request to the Angel” (literal title of “ Tenshi ni Request wo”). Also cast in the drama series are Jun Shison, Yuka Itaya, Mitsuko Baisho, and Meiko Kaji. The drama series features an original screenplay by Sumio Omori and directed by Keiji Kataoka. Screenwriter Sumio Omori and director Keiji Kataoka previously worked together on NHK drama series “Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit.”

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Shugo Shimada (Yosuke Eguchi) was once a detective. He now runs a private detective agency. His assistant is Akari Kojima (Moka Kamishiraishi). Shugo Shimada is not thrilled with his work. One day, receives a request from an elderly woman who looks wealthy. She wants him to help achieve Mikie Omatsu’s (Meiko Kaji) last wish, which requires taking her to a place. The elderly woman met Mikie Omatsu during a hospital stay. Mikie Omatsu does not have much time to live.

“Request to the Angel” first airs June 6, 2020 and will consist of 5 episodes.

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