May 22 2020

Yo Yoshida and Yo Oizumi cast in WOWOW drama series “Year 2020 Love of May”

Yo Yoshida and Yo Oizumi are cast for lead roles in WOWOW drama series “Year 2020 Love of May” (literal title). The drama series is scripted by Yoshikazu Okada (“In This Corner of the World“) and directed by Daishi Matsunaga (“Pieta in the Toilet“).

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: In May, 2020, Yukiko (Yo Yoshida) lives her life as a single woman. She divorced her ex-husband Motoo (Yo Oizumi) 4 years ago and she now works at a big supermarket. Meanwhile, Motoo is also single after divorcing Yukiko. He works as a salesman for a mid-size design company. Yukiko and Motoo have not talked to each other in the past 4 years, but Motoo misdials and calls Yukiko.

“Year 2020 Love of May” will consist of 4 episodes and first air June 2, 2020 in Japan.

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