January 24 2018

Tina Tamashiro & Yuta Koseki cast in live-action drama series and movie “Missions of Love”

Tina Tamashiro & Yuta Koseki are cast in live-action drama series “Missions of Love” and live-action movie “Missions of Love.” The drama series version will air sometime this spring on as of yet unspecified network and the live-action film version will be released sometime this summer via distributor T-Joy. Both titles are based on manga “Watashi ni xx Shinasai!” by Ema Toyama and will be directed by Toru Yamamoto. Story for “Missions of Love” will follow Yukino Himuro (Tina Tamashiro) who secretly writes cell phone novels under a pen name. She doesn’t have any experience in love and her novels lack in that aspect. She then discovers a secret of popular male student Shigure Kitami (Yuta Koseki). She decides to blackmail and assigns him “missions of love” to gather experience for her novel.

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