March 11 2019

Teaser trailer for TBS drama series “Group Demotion”

Teaser trailer added for TBS drama series “Group Demotion” (literal title) starring Masaharu Fukuyama, Teruyuki Kagawa and Ryunosuke Kamiki. Drama series is based on novels “Shudan Sasen” & “Shinsohan Ginko Shitencho” by Tetsuo Ebato. The drama series is set at a bank and follows branch manager Hiroshi Kataoka (Masaharu Fukuyama).

“Group Demotion” first airs April 21, 2019 in Japan.

One Response to “Teaser trailer for TBS drama series “Group Demotion””

  1. Beatrice Castaneda

    Masaharu Fukuyama is my second most favorite actor and I can hardly wait to see him in this forthcoming drama if possible. I saw Ryoma-den so I think I will see this drama as well. Thank you for making it. I know I will enjoy it.

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