June 24 2019

Teaser poster for Fuji TV drama series “Daughter of Lupin”

Teaser poster added for upcoming Fuji TV dram series “Daughter of Lupin” (literal title) starring Kyoko Fukada and Koji Seto. The teaser poster features main characters Hana Mikumo (Kyoko Fukada), Kazuma Sakuraba (Koji Seto), Etsuko Mikumo (Maju Ozawa), Wataru Mikumo (Louis Kurihara), Matsu Mikumo (Yoshiko Takehara), Iwao Mikumo (Akaji Maro) and Takeru Mikumo (Atsuro Watabe). KoJi Seto has been reported to have lost 10 kg to play the character of Kazuma Sakuraba. The drama series is based on 2015 novel “Rupan no Musume” by¬†Dai Yokozeki.

“Daughter of Lupin” is now scheduled to first air July 11, 2019 in Japan (takes over Fuji TV’s Thursday 10PM time slot after “Strawberry Night Saga“).

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