August 30 2016

Takanori Iwata cast in TBS drama series “Suna no Tou”

Takanori Iwata (‘J Soul Brothers’/‘EXILE’) is cast in upcoming TBS drama series “Suna no Tou” starring Miho Kanno and Nanako Matsushima.

In the upcoming drama series, Takanori Iwata will play 28-year-old Kohei Ubukata. He works as a gym teacher and one of his students is the daughter of Aki Takano’s (Miho Kanno). Kohei Ubukata and Aki Takano grew up in the same neighborhood and he has liked Aki Takano since that time. He supports Aki Takano during her troubles with her neighbors, but he also has a hidden side.

“Suna no Tou” first airs this October in Japan.


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