January 29 2018

Takanori Iwata and Erika Toda cast in NTV drama series “Gakeppuchi Hotel”

Takanori Iwata (‘J Soul Brothers’ and ‘EXILE’) and Erika Toda are cast in new NTV drama series “Gakeppuchi Hotel.” Gakeppuchi in the drama series title means literally “brink of a cliff” and the word is also used to describe a very difficult situation. Story for the drama series will take place at hotel that is long past its glory days and nears bankruptcy. 29-year-old Sana Sakurai (Erika Toda) is the hotel manager and she struggles to revive the hotel. The hotel’s fortune changes when Naoya Ukai (Takanori Iwata) arrives as a guest at the hotel. Ryuichi Inomata directs the drama series.

“Gakeppuchi Hotel” will first air April, 2018 in Japan.

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