August 31 2016

Taisuke Fujigaya & Mizuki Yamamoto cast in Fuji TV drama series “Basuke mo Koi mo, Shiteitai”

Taisuke Fujigaya (‘Kis-My-Ft.2’) & Mizuki Yamamoto are cast in new Fuji TV drama series “Basuke mo Koi mo, Shiteitai.” In the drama series, Taisuke Fujigaya plays high school basketball player Tomomitsu Tsuchiya and Mizuki Yamamoto plays high school student Sae Hatori. Tomomitsu Tsuchiya notices Sae Hatori watching him during practice. They develop a friendship and begin to date. Suddenly, Sae Hatori transfers to another school without saying a word.

“Basuke mo Koi mo, Shiteitai” consists of three episodes and episode 1 will air September 19, 2016 in Japan.

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