September 7 2017

Supporting cast announced for TV Tokyo live-action drama series “Shinjuku Seven”

Supporting cast announced for upcoming TV Tokyo live-action drama series “Shinjuku Seven” starring Tatsuya Ueda (‘KAT-TUN’). Cast in supporting roles are Tomoya Nakamura, Ito Ono, Maho Nonami, Tetsushi Tanaka and Mari Natsuki. The drama series is set at a pawn shop in Kabukicho and follows genius appraiser Nanase (Tatsuya Ueda).

For the supporting characters, Tomoya Nakamura will play Kenta Ono. He is an apprentice at Nanase’s pawnshop. Ito Ono will play Hana Suigetsu. She is a mysterious character and suffers from memory loss. Maho Nonami will play bar owner Erika Hosho. Tetsushi Tanaka will play Detective Akihito Kondo and, lastly, Mari Natsuki will play gyoza shop owner Shinobu.

“Shinjuku Seven” first airs October 13, 2017 in Japan.

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