August 10 2018

Satoshi Tsumabuki & Mao Inoue cast in TV Asahi drama special “Ranhansha”

Satoshi Tsumabuki and Mao Inoue are cast for lead roles in new TV Asahi drama special “Ranhansha.” The drama special is based on novel “Ranhansha” by Tokuro Nukui and directed by Yuya Ishii. Satoshi Tsumabuki and Yuya Ishii previously team up in movies “Our Family” and “The Vancouver Asahi.” In addition, Satoshi Tsumabuki starred in movie “Gukoroku: Traces of Sin” which is also based on a novel by Tokuro Nukui.

For drama special “Ranhansha,” Satoshi Tsumabuki & Mao Inoue play a married couple. Their young son dies in an accident which causes the parents to look for answers.

“Ranhansha” will air sometime this autumn in Japan.


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