November 5 2017

Ryusei Fujii & Takahiro Hamada cast in NTV drama series “Sotsugyo Bakamentari”

Ryusei Fujii (‘Johnny’s West’) & Takahiro Hamada (‘Johnny’s West’) cast in new NTV drama series “Sotsugyo Bakamentari.” Also cast in supporting roles are Koki Maeda, Yasunao Yoshida and Hirofumi Arai. Story for the drama series will follow four friends who will graduate from a prestigious university in 90 days. They spent most of their time studying and they try to find girls who fit their ideal types. Drama series will be scripted by Jiro and directed by Kazuaki Hashimoto.

“Sotsugyo Bakamentari” first airs January, 2018 in Japan.

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