November 6 2017

Ryosuke Yamada cast in NTV drama series “Momikeshite Fuyu”

Ryosuke Yamada (‘Hey! Say! JUMP’) is cast for the lead role in NTV drama series “Momikeshite Fuyu.” Also cast in supporting roles are Haru, Yukiyoshi Ozawa and Baijaku Nakamura. The drama series is scripted by Shigeki Kaneko and directed by Satoru Nakajima. In the drama series, Ryosuke Yamada will play Shusaku Kitazawa. He is the youngest child in a family with a middle school principal as a father and two older siblings. He works as a police officer and comes into conflict to help his family. The drama series is described as a home-comedy.

“Momikeshite Fuyu” first airs January, 2018 in Japan.

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