May 2 2017

Ryo Nishikido & Mayu Matsuoka cast in NTV drama series “My Husband Can Not Work”

Ryo Nishikido & Mayu Matsuoka are cast in new NTV drama series “My Husband Can Not Work” (literal title). The drama series is scripted by Chiho Watanabe and directed by Toya Sato and Naoko Komuro. The drama series will have Ryo Nishikido playing Tsukasa Kobayashi. He seems like the perfect husband, but he holds a secret from his wife. His secret is that he is horrible at his job and he wants to quit. He then learns that his wife played Mayu Matsuoka is pregnant.

“My Husband Can Not Work” will first air July, 2017 in Japan.

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