October 2 2017

Nobuyuki Suzuki cast in movie “Revenge Girl”

Nobuyuki Suzuki is cast for the lead male role in upcoming movie “Revenge Girl” starring Mirei Kiritani. Also cast in supporting roles are Sho Kiyohara, Fumika Baba, Aimi Satsukawa and Shinya Owada. Movie is based on novel “Revenge Girl” by Erika Yoshida, which will be published sometime this autumn by Kadokawa, and directed by Koichiro Miki.

Story for “Revenge Girl” follows Mirei Kiritani as Miki Takaraishi. She gets dumped by a guy who comes from a politician family. To get revenge, she decides to run for the prime minister position. She hires Toshiya Kadowaki played by Nobuyuki Suzuki as her campaign advisor. His character is blunt and he makes biting remarks.

“Revenge Girl” will be released December 23, 2017 in Japan.

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