April 12 2018

Nobuyuki Suzuki and Hayato Isomura cast in NTV live-action drama series “Kyo kara Ore wa”

Nobuyuki Suzuki and Hayato Isomura are cast for supporting roles in upcoming NTV live-action drama series “Kyo kara Ore wa” starring Kento Kaku. They will also join already cast supporting members KentaroTaiga and Yuma Yamoto.

For the drama series, Nobuyuki Suzuki will play Satoshi Katagiri. He is a rival of Takashi Mitsuhashi (Kento Kaku) and Shinji Ito (Kentaro). Satoshi Katagiri is the most powerful student at a high school for troubled students. Hayato Isomura will play Takeshi Sagara. He is the second most popular student at the same high school where Satoshi Katagiri attends.

“Kyo kara Ore wa” first airs October, 2018 in Japan.


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