February 10 2017

Masaki Aiba and Emi Takei cast in Fuji TV drama series “The Aristocrat Detective”

Masaki Aiba (‘Arashi’) and Emi Takei are cast in new Fuji TV drama series “The Aristocrat Detective” (literal title). Also cast in supporting roles are Katsuhisa Namase, Haruka Igawa, Kenichi Takito, Miho Nakayama and Yutaka Matsushige. Yukie Nakama is also cast for the drama series, but her character has not yet been revealed. Drama series “The Aristocrat Detective” is based on 2010 novel “Kizoku Tantei” by Yutaka Maya. For the drama series, Masaki Aiba will play the title character who calls himself the “Aristocrat Detective.”  He doesn’t actually solve the cases himself, but has his employees like his chauffeur (Kenichi Takito), maid (Miho Nakayama) and butler (Yutaka Matsushige) carry out the investigations. Emi Takei will play Aika Takatoku. She is also a detective and competes with the Aristocrat Detective to solve cases.

“The Aristocrat Detective” first airs April, 2017 in Japan.

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