September 13 2017

Kento Nagayama, Takanori Jinnai and Masao Kusakari cast in TV Asahi drama series “Doctor-X”

Kento Nagayama, Takanori Jinnai and Masao Kusakari are cast in the 5th season of TV Asahi drama series “Doctor-X” starring Ryoko Yonekura. For the drama series, Kento Nagayama will play rookie surgeon Naoyuki Nishiyama. Takanori Jinnai will play Takashi Inomata. He is the deputy director of the surgery department. Lastly, Masao Kusakari will play Kagenobu Uchikanda. He is the chairman of the Japan doctors club.

Ep.1 of “Doctor-X” airs October 12, 2017 in Japan.

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