May 5 2016

Keiko Kitagawa cast in NTV drama series “Ie Uru Onna”

Actress Keiko Kitagawa is cast in new NTV drama series “Ie Uru Onna” (literally “Women Who Sells A House”). Drama series also pairs screenwriter Shizuka Oishi (“Second Virgin“) with directors Ryuichi Inomata (“I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper“) and Noriyoshi Sakuma (“My Little Nightmare“).

In drama series “Ie Uru Onna,” Keiko Kitagawa plays real estate extraordinaire Machi Sangenya. Her character is determined to get everyone of her clients to purchase a home from her. She uses her own special method to accomplish this goal. Her special method involves immersing herself in her client’s family problems and attempting to solve them.

“Ie Uru Onna” first airs this July in Japan.

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