December 5 2015

Kazutoyo Koyabu & Nana Katase are cast in NTV-YTV drama series “The Angel of Money” (“Money no Tenshi”)

Kazutoyo Koyabu and Nana Katase are cast in new NTV-YTV drama series “The Angel of Money” (literal title of “Money no Tenshi”). Also cast in the drama series are Naoto Takenaka, Wakana Aoi, Fuuko Yagura (idol group ‘NMB48′) & Miria Fujita (idol group ‘Fairies’).

Premise for “The Angel of Money” has Nana Katase playing a manager of a Mexican restaurant in Osaka. She is also studying to become a lawyer. Her character went through a difficult financial period in her past and she wants to help others get through similar situations. She then decides to open a small financial counseling booth in the Mexican restaurant. Her first customer is Shigeru Takeuchi (Kazutoyo Koyabu). His character helps her with the financial counseling. Meanwhile, Naoto Takenaka will play an attorney that is hostile to Risa Kurihara (Nana Katase) and Shigeru Takeuchi (Kazutoyo Koyabu). Wakana Aoi, Fuuko Yagura  and Miria Fujita will play high school students who are part-time workers at the Mexican restaurant. They also help Risa Kurihara (Nana Katase).



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