February 2 2018

Kazunari Ninomiya cast in TBS drama series “Black Pean”

Kazunari Ninomiya is cast in upcoming TBS drama series “Black Pean.” The mystery-medical drama series is based on novel “Black Pean 1988” by Takeru Kaido. Takeru Kaido also wrote the original novel series which movies “The Glorious Team Batista” and drama series “Glory of Team Batista” are based on. In the drama series Kazunari Ninomiya will play main character Seishiro Tokai. He is a talented surgeon, but also quite arrogant. When a new medical device is introduced that replaces the hands of surgeons, Seishiro Tokai reveals dark secrets behind the medical device.

“Black Pean” first airs April, 2018 in Japan.

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