June 8 2016

Jurina Matsui and Shigeyuki Totsugi cast in TBS drama series “Death Cash”

Jurina Matsui (‘SKE48’) and Shigeyuki Totsugi are cast in new TBS drama series “Death Cash.” The mystery themed drama series has Jurina Matsui playing university student Yuka Minami. Shigeyuki Totsugi will play Detective Takeshi Wakamoto. In the drama series, a friend of Yuka Minami suddenly dies with large amounts of 10,000 yen bills around her body and the 10,000 yen bills are stained in black. More people around Yuka Minami then die. Yuka Minami and Detective Takeshi Wakamoto work together to solve the mysterious deaths.

“Death Cash” first airs July 13, 2016 in Japan.

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