June 2 2018

Juri Ueno and Naohito Fujiki cast in Fuji TV drama series “Good Doctor”

Juri Ueno and Naohito Fujiki are cast in Fuji TV drama series “Good Doctor” starring Kento Yamazaki. The drama series is a remake of 2013 KBS2 drama series “Good Doctor” starring Joo Won and Moon Chae-Won. Also cast in supporting roles are Shigeyuki TotsugiYuri NakamuraKenta HamanoItsuji Itao, and Akira Emoto.

In drama series “Good Doctor,” Juri Ueno will play Natsumi Seto. She is a pediatric surgeon with a kind disposition. Naohito Fujiki will play Seiji Takayama. He also works as a pediatric surgeon and has an excellent reputation.

“Good Doctor” first airs July 12, 2018 in Japan.

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