February 13 2018

Jun Shison cast in NTV live-action drama series “Dolmen X” and live-action film “Dolmen X”

Jun Shison is cast for the lead role in new NTV live-action drama series “Dolmen X” and upcoming live-action film “Dolmen X.” Also cast in major supporting roles are Koudai AsakaYuuki OgoeTina TamashiroArata HoriiRen Kiriyama and Yoshimi Tokui. Both the drama series and movie are based on manga series “Dolmen X” by Yuna Takagi. The movie version will include more scenes of the alien group 15 years after the drama series.

Jun Shison, Koudai Asaka, Yuuki Ogoe, Tina Tamashiro and Arata Horii will play aliens who want to invade Earth without having war. They decide to become an idol group to help accomplish their goal. The idol group is named “Dolmen X.” Ren Kiriyama will play actor Shugo Sanemitsu and Yoshimi Tokui will play an entertainment company president.

NTV drama series “Dolmen X” will first air March 10, 2018 and the live-action film version will be released sometime later year in Japan..

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