August 16 2016

Ikki Sawamura, Ryusei Fujii & Mirai Shida cast in NTV drama series “Rental Savior”

Ikki Sawamura, Ryusei Fujii (‘7 WEST’) & Mirai Shida are all cast in upcoming NTV drama series “Rental Savior” (literal title). Drama series is scripted by Yusuke Watanabe.

The upcoming drama series will revolve around the agency Rental Kyuseishu (Rental Savior). They provide the service of helping their clients out of difficult situations. Ikki Sawamura plays Yugo Akenabe. His character is in heavy debt and he begins work at Rental Kyuseishu to pay off his debts. He works with Denjiro Aoi (Ryusei Fujii).

“Rental Savior” first airs this October in Japan.

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