February 27 2017

Hiroki Hasegawa & Masaki Okada cast in TBS drama series “Small Giant”

Hiroki Hasegawa & Masaki Okada are cast in new TBS drama series “Small Giant” (“Chiisana Kyojin”). Also cast in supporting roles are Ken Yasuda, Shota Shunputei, Taro Suruga, Toru Tezuka & Katsumi Kiba. In the drama series, Hiroki Hasegawa will play Shinichiro Kosaka. He works as a detective at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. He makes a mistake though and gets demoted to a police station. There, he finds detectives that may have less skills, but work earnestly to solve even the simple cases.

“Small Giant” first airs April, 2017 in Japan.

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