January 18 2016

Hayato Ichihara cast in WOWOW drama special “Futabasou no Yujin”

Actor Hayato Ichihara is cast in upcoming WOWOW drama special “Futabasou no Yujin.” Also cast in the drama special are Asami Usuda, Tomoya Nakamura, Hana Hizuki, Takeo Nakahara & Kazuko Yoshiyuki. Premise for the drama series has Masaharu Kawamura (Hayato Ichihara) & Mie Kawamura (Asami Usuda) moving to a terrace house. Masaharu Kawamura begins a new career as a writer. He then sees a ghost in his house and becomes friendly with the ghost. Masaharu Kawamura then learns of a past incident that place in the home.

“Futabasou no Yujin” airs March 19, 2016 in Japan.

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