February 3 2016

Haru Kuroki, Joe Odagiri, Kentaro Sakaguchi cast in TBS drama series “Juhan Shuttai!”

Haru Kuroki, Joe Odagiri and Kentaro Sakaguchi are cast in upcoming TBS live-action drama series “Juhan Shuttai!” The drama series about working in the manga publishing industry is based on manga “Juhan Shuttai!” by Yana Toboso and directed by Nobuhiro Doi (“Tears for You“). In the drama series, Haru Kuroki plays main character Kokoro Kurosawa. Her character was a judo athlete, but begin a new career in the manga publishing industry. The company experiences turbulent times as they must deal with new technologies like ebooks. Also cast in supporting roles are YosiYosi Arakawa, Yutaka Matsushige & Ken Yasuda.

“Juhan Shuttai!” first airs sometime this April in Japan.

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