February 13 2020

Gou Ayano & Gen Hoshino cast in TBS drama series “MIU 404”

Gou Ayano¬†and Gen Hoshino are cast in TBS drama series “MIU 404.” The drama series features an original screenplay by Akiko Nogi and directed by Ayuko Tsukahara & Kentaro Takemura. The drama series centers around MIU, which stands for Mobile Investigative Unit, at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

Plot synopsis by AsianWiki: The Mobile Investigative Unit (known as “MIU”) of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department attempts to solve cases within 24 hours.

Detective Kazumi Shima (Gen Hoshino) is selected as a new member of MIU. He is intelligent, with excellent observation and communication skills. Yet, he does not trust other people. He is unable to find a partner in MIU and is ordered to partner with Police Officer Ai Ibuki (Gou Ayano), who works at a police substation. Ai Ibuki applied for MIU, but he failed. He is in excellent physical condition, but he lacks knowledge and experience as a detective. Kazumi Shima learns about Ai Ibuki’s background and he becomes more nervous. Finally, Kazumi Shima has his first meeting with Ai Ibuki.

“MIU 404” first airs April, 2020 in Japan (takes over TBS’ Friday 10PM time slot after “Prayers in the Emergency Room.”).

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