March 16 2017

Gen Hoshino cast in WOWOW drama series “Plage”

Gen Hoshino is cast in new WOWOW drama series “Plage.” The drama series is based on 2015 novel “Purajyu” by Tetsuya Honda (“Strawberry Night“) and directed by Yasuhiro Yoshida. WOWOW previously adapted another Tetsuya Honda novel into 2012 drama series “Hitorishizuka” starring Kaho. Drama series “Plage” centers around 32-year-old Takao played by Gen Hoshino. To break the boredom in his life, he decides to go somewhere new, but he ends being arrested for taking a drug stimulant which he did not know he was taking. Eventually he ends up living at the share house “Plage.”

“Plage” will air sometime this summer in Japan.

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