February 26 2016

Ema Fujisawa to make guest appearance in WOWOW drama series “Kinpika”

Actress Ema Fujisawa is set to make a guest appearance in currently airing WOWOW drama series “Kinpika” starring Kiichi Nakai, Pierre Taki & Yusuke Santamaria. Ema Fujisawa will make her guest appearance in episode 3 of the drama series.

In the drama series, Ema Fujisawa will play Akemi. Her character works at a hostess bar and is the ex-girlfriend of Isao Okawara (Pierre Taki). Ema Fujisawa’s role is a bit of a departure from her past roles of playing sweet, nice girls.

Ep.3 of “Kinpika” airs February 27, 2016 in Japan.

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