April 18 2017

Eiichiro Funakoshi & Aoi Nakamura cast in NHK drama series “Red Beard”

Eiichiro Funakoshi & Aoi Nakamura are cast in NHK drama series “Red Beard” (“Akahige”). The drama series is based on 1958 novel “Akahige Shinryotan” by Shugoro Yamamoto, which was famously adapted by Akira Kurosawa into 1965 film “Red Beard.” In NHK drama series “Red Beard,” Aoi Nakamura plays a young doctor who begins working with Jo Niidekyo (Eiichiro Funakoshi) aka “Red Beard.” The young doctor clashes with Red Beard at first, but eventually learns how to become a real doctor.

“Red Beard” first airs November 3, 2017 in Japan.

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