February 10 2018

Dean Fujioka cast in Fuji TV drama series “The Count of Monte Cristo”

Dean Fujioka is cast in Fuji TV drama series “The Count of Monte Cristo.” The drama series is based on classic French novel “Le Comte de Monte-Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas. Also cast in supporting roles are Tadayoshi Okura (‘Kanjani Eight’), Mizuki YamamotoHirofumi Arai and Katsunori Takahashi. In the drama series, Dean Fujioka will play main character Dan Saimon. He is about to marry the love of his life Sumire Meguro (Mizuki Yamamoto), but he is framed by three people and sent to prison. 15 years later, he returns under a different identity to get revenge on the three people who framed him.

“The Count of Monte Cristo” first airs April, 2018.

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