June 1 2017

Atsuro Watabe & Kanna Hashimoto cast in Fuji TV drama series “Keishicho Ikimono Gakari”

Atsuro Watabe and Kanna Hashimoto are cast in new Fuji TV drama series “Keishicho Ikimono Gakari.” The police-animal drama series is based on four novels by Takahiro Okura. Also cast in supporting roles are Shohei Miura, Tomoharu Hasegawa, Ren Ishikawa, Denden, Sho Kiyohara, Susumu Terajima and Atsuko Asano.

In the drama series, Atsuro Watabe plays Detective Tomozo Sudo. He is demoted to a division that takes care of pets whose owners are suspects or missing. Kanna Hashimoto plays Police Constable Keiko Usuki. She works in the same division as Tomozo Sudo. They work uniquely together to solve cases.

“Keishicho Ikimono Gakari” first airs July, 2017 in Japan.

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