April 12 2017

9 more supporting cast members announced for NHK drama series “Sego-don”

9 more supporting cast members have been announced for upcoming NHK drama series “Sego-don” starring Ryohei Suzuki. Now cast in supporting roles are Keiko Kitagawa, Rin Takanashi, Yukiya Kitamura, Mitsuomi Takahashi, Arata Horii, Ikki Sawamura, Yuki Saito, Rumiko Koyanagi and Takeshi Kaga. The drama series is NHK’s 57th taiga series.

In the upcoming drama series Keiko Kitagawa will play Atsuhime. She is a candidate to become the wife of Shogun Iesada Tokugawa, but she falls in love with Takamori
Saigo (Ryohei Suzuki). Rin Takanashi will play Fuki. She is the daughter of a farmer and she opens Takamori Saigo to the idea of justice. Yukiya Kitamura will play Kakunosuke Ooyama / Tsunayoshi. He studied with Takamori Saigo when they were young.

“Sego-don” opens January, 2018 in Japan.

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